Fujian North-to-South
Fujian North-to-South Ultra-high Voltage AC Transmission and Transformation Project, Changtai 1000kV Substation Construction Project

Winning product: Capacitor Bank in Series Reactor

Winning converter station: Changtai 1000kV Substation

Operation year: December 2023

The Fuzhou-Xiamen Project is a key project of the national "14th Five-Year Plan" for power development, with a total investment of 7.1 billion yuan. The project starts at Rongcheng Substation, passes through Changtai Substation, and ends at Jimei Substation. It includes the construction of a new 1000kV Changtai Substation, the expansion of the 1000kV Rongcheng Substation and the 500kV Jimei Substation, with an additional substation capacity of 6 million kilovolts-ampere, and the construction of a new double-circuit 1000kV transmission line with a length of 234 kilometers. The operation of the project will further improve the main network structure of the Fujian power grid, enhance the support capacity of the East China ultra-high voltage AC main network, ensure the transmission of clean energy from northern Fujian and the power supply to the southern load center, support the Fujian-Guangdong interconnection project to play a role in sending electricity from Fujian to Guangdong, and better serve the economic and social development of coastal areas.